Women empowerment Quote


This is what it comes down to :.

As women empowerment increase, women expectations from a marriage will increase as well. As expectations increase, it will be harder for men to fulfill their needs and please them. Women will be more and more the chooser in a relationship. Also, because women will have the upper hand as they get more empowered, they will also have more control over whether they want to divorce or not. And most likely they will want to divorce more as men will have a harder time fulfilling their expectations.

More divorce leads to more expenses from the men’s side as there is still a double standard especially in Asian culture. Even though women want all the empowerment, men are still expected to pay for the house, car, wedding, etc. Women usually come into the marriage with nothing.

As expenses from the men increase over divorces, men will shun this marriage institution and will seek their mate based on a dollar worth value. This leads to prostitution. Men will seek short term relationship that minimizes potential financial damage in the long run.

As prostitution thrives, women from poorer less empowered countries will supply the demand.

The question becomes, which is faster? Empowerment or Prostitution?

In the long run, assuming ALL women become empowered, men must advance technology to make women robots that is a perfect replica of a human female. Then we will no longer need female. We will stop procreating, men will just have sex with robots. Likewise women will have sex with robots.

Procreation stops, we all perish.

So, conclusion, don’t empower women.

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