The ineptitude of the Indian Police

So , In the past few months , I have come across several instances in which the Indian police have been arresting people for Unnatural sex. The attitude of the Indian police continues to boggle me .

– The Indian police are one of the most corrupt and inefficient force in the world.
– The Indian government knows this and does nothing to make it better
– A country cannot achieve progress without having an efficient and effective criminal justice system. Granted , no country has the perfect system , but the Indian criminal justice system is beyond pathetic , with open corruption practices.
– The country continues to fail to stop terrorists. The lack of any resistance to the Mumbai attackers and the ease with which they carried out the operation , shows how sincere the government is in making the lives of ordinary citizen safe. I believe the unofficial police of the government is “Lets give the terrorists a free run to kill as many people and they will get tired at some point !!!
– BUT, the government wants to control our sex lives. Terrorists killing people is not important for the government , but having butt sex is a big NO you will be arrested for having “Unnatural sex”. This attitude of the Indian government sickens me. Iam ashamed to be born an Indian male. 

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