Crazy Women

This women isnt happy with the current proposal to give 20% of a husbands salary to wife. She wants that share to increase to 50% and that a working women should be given more than that ! She goes on to say that women do not lie. Really ?



Thousands of women are being burned , we need laws such as 498a

whoever says that , are are either ignorant or illiterate.

A look at the NCRB data :

In 2011, total 139403 male and 41298 females were arrested in 498a.

8,391 reported cases of dowry deaths.

This implies inorder to justify the deaths of 8391 women, it is fine to arrest 41298 women  and 139403 men .  This just doesnt look right !




498a – Police should do a better job in investigating.

Women, who make such remarks need to be taught yet another definition of law. “Prima Facie”  , which means on the face of it. This effectively means legally , the statement of the women is to be treated as a gospel truth and nothing but the truth . There is no requirement for any additional evidences , as per the law. Infact legally speaking if the police do not make an arrest , they arent following the law. The girl’s statement against her husband and family members is considered as evidence, even if it is false. The police are infact helpless , even if they know that the case if false. The offense is cognizable , which means they have to register the complaint and the statement from the girl is to be treated as prima facie evidence , effectively resulting in the arrest of the husband and his entire family.

498a – There is nothing wrong with the law. The law itself is fine. The problem lies with implementation.

Huh . Women, who make such remarks need to be taught established principles of criminal justice. There is no equivalent law in the entire world , treating the accused person as guilty until proven innocent. This law is unconstitutional as it violates the human rights, fundamental rights of men. It violates established principles of justice such as holding a person innocent until proven guilty. How can this law be right in the first place

This law is worse than the ones that deal with terrorism. POTA , TADA , also treat the accused as guilty until proven innocent and  have long been repealed.  Infact , this law is worse than the ones that deal with terrorism since the husband and his entire family , near and distant relatives and anyone remotely connected to a husband and their dog can be arrested.

The myth of women’s oppression

Since time immemorial we have been led to believe that the female sex is the weaker sex. The non stop spoon feeding of information , attempts to brain wash our society by the feminists has largely been successful. Keeping emotions aside , what facts do these feminists use to back up their claims ? Attempts are made to sensationalize a few incidents to portray that all men are bad and all women are victims. When you look at the data its quite opposite. Data doesnt lie. Data doesnt play with emotions.

– Women are equally capable of committing crimes.

– The ratio of men to women in any of the prisons isnt much different.

In the next few weeks , iam going to make attempts to collect as much data as possible to substantiate my claims.